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Hacks to Keep Your Vehicle Immaculate With V20 Car Wash Services

Keeping a clean and immaculate vehicle enhances its appearance as well as adds to its longevity and worth. Whether you visit a car wash Black Rock, look for car detailing in Cheltenham, or in Melbourne, integrating compelling car cleaning hacks into your routine can have a significant effect.

In this blog, we will investigate a range of tips and tricks to assist you with keeping your vehicle immaculate, ensuring it stays in top condition for years to come.

  1. Opt for Regular Professional Car Wash Services

Regular trips to a professional car wash Melbourne are vital for car maintenance. These services go beyond a regular exterior wash, giving thorough cleaning that reaches all of those difficult-to-reach spots. Professional car washes use specialised equipment and high-quality solutions to remove dirt, grime, and road salt from your vehicle, leaving it appearing clean and well-kept.

  1. Embrace the Power of Detailing

Car detailing in Cheltenham or your surrounding area may take the cleanliness of your vehicle to the next level. Detailing include thoroughly cleaning both the interior and outside of your vehicle, restoring its gloss and protecting its surfaces. Professional detailers use innovative procedures such as steam cleaning, clay bar treatment, and precision polishing to remove stains, restore faded paint, and revitalise the appearance of your vehicle.

  1. DIY Cleaning Hacks for Interior Maintenance

There are various DIY cleaning tricks you may do to keep your vehicle’s interior in good condition between professional cleanings. These include cleaning windows with a vinegar-water mixture, using a toothbrush to clean small cracks and hard-to-reach locations, and using baking soda to eradicate odours.

  1. Protect Your Exterior with Waxing

Waxing the exterior of your car not only gives a glossy appearance but also works as a protective barrier against the weather. After a thorough wash, use a premium auto wax to repel dirt, dust, and UV rays, preventing damage to your vehicle’s paint and clear coat. Waxing your car on a regular basis not only improves its beauty but also maintains its longevity and resale value.

  1. Don’t Forget the Little Things

Attention to detail is essential when it comes to car cleanliness. Focus on often disregarded areas, for example, door jambs, wheel wells, and undercarriage. These regions gather soil and grime after some time, affecting both the appearance and functionality of your vehicle. Use a pressure washer or specialized cleaning items to completely clean these regions and ensure all over cleanliness.


Maintaining an immaculate vehicle requires a blend of expert services and effective Do-It-Yourself cleaning hacks. Whether you pick a car wash in Black Rock, look for car detailing Cheltenham, or live in Melbourne, integrating these tips into your car care routine will assist with keeping your vehicle in top condition.

At V20 Car Wash, your trusted car wash in Melbourne, you can experience proficient car cleaning services that leave your vehicle looking and feeling its best. By following these hacks and relying on proficient car wash and detailing services, you can enjoy in the joy of driving a well-maintained and immaculate vehicle.