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When we regularly use our cars, it can get dirty and the colour of the pain can become dull. Your car can get scratched which can damage the paintwork done on it. It can make your car look old and dirty. It will also reduce your car value if you want to sell it. 

You have many options to get your car fixed, you can either go for a minute paint correction or a full polishing service. Both of the services are quite different and are opted for getting different results. Car Polishing is done when the car exterior is significantly damaged.  

If you own a car, you will understand the amount of effort it takes to maintain it. You have to hire professionals if you have a dent on the car paint. It is because we lack the professional tools required to reach the nook and cranny of the vehicle to do the job. You can get the best Car Ceramic Coating Lilydale at v20 Car Wash, with making your car brand new with eco friendly products. 

Now it is possible to make your old cars look brand new. At v20 Car Wash, Your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and polished to resemble when you bought it. Now you can get Paint Correction Lilydale, it will also increase the value of your car. It is cleaned in every corner and polished. The mechanics also coat the outer of your car with high quality wax to prevent wear and tear and also make it a bit more shiny. 

Now read this article to know the entire process of polishing a car in a detailed manner. 


Car polishing is more than cosmetic touch-up in nature. It is a detailed process which the mechanic restores and enhances the shine of your car’s paintwork. The mechanics at v20 Car Wash do a brilliant job. 

Importance Of Car Polishing

Polishing a car is important for many reasons such as:

Protecting The Paintwork- As time passes, the paint on the car accumulates scratches marks, dust, dirt, and other impurities. The sun also oxidises the paint. Polishing helps to remove these imperfections. It brings back the paint to its old glory.

Enhance The Aesthetic Appeal- If your car is polished well, it will look stunning on the road. It also increases its resale value. 

Longevity- When the mechanics polish a car, it creates a barrier on the paintwork which protects it for a longer period. 

How It works

During car polishing, the mechanics at v20 Car Wash use an abrasive material to remove imperfections from the paint surface. The process is such that:

Inspection Of The Surface- Before polishing, a worker inspects the car exteriors to check what kind of damage it has. He will then decide which products to use in the next step.  

Material Selection- after the inspection, the mechanic makes a list of all the products that he will use to polish it. It is based on damage to the car. 

Polishing- It is important to follow correct steps in order to get best results after polishing. The mechanic takes a lint free cloth and uses it to apply wax on the paint in circular motion. They have to apply the same pressure overall.

Machines- Mechanics use rotary tools to gently buff the wax in the paint. It makes the job much easier and the result is also better. 

Slow And Steady- Polishing a car requires patience. The worker slowly applies the wax on the car. They have to check the progress multiple times. He does not rush to avoid over polishing. 

Signs Of A Good Car Polish Mechanics

There are few signs that tells us that the mechanics is doing an excellent car polishing job, they are:

Patience- Car polishing requires time and patience. A good worker will do the job slowly for the best possible results. 

Experience- Different types of car paint require different polish. An experienced mechanic will carefully select the correct products for the job.

Attention To Details- Car polishing is an art. It asks to pay attention to details. A worker will take his time to finish every little detail.


Polishing a car is not just a chore. It gives the worker an opportunity to bring back the car into its original glory. The mechanics at v20 Car Wash will use the right techniques, and the correct products to get stunning results. It will make your car stand out on the road. Now enjoy the satisfaction of enhancing the car’s look like a brand new one.