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Simple and Effective Ways to Make Your Old Car Look and Feel Like New Again

Have you ever wished to restore your old car’s former glory and recreate the new car feeling? In this blog post, we’ll talk about smart revitalization tips as well as simple and effective ways to make your old car look new again. These methods include thorough cleaning and detailing.

Discover the secrets of preserving the beauty and charm of your cherished car, from cleaning and detailing to interior modifications and upkeep. Prepare to fall in love with your vehicle all over again!

  1.     Regular Car Wash and Detailing: Giving your vintage car a full car wash and detailing is one of the simplest methods to alter it. A professional car wash Black Rock, like V20 Car Wash, can help remove dirt, grime, and stains from your vehicle’s exterior and interior. Professional detailing will refresh and revive your vehicle, restoring its original luster.
  2.     Paint Correction and Protection: If the paint on your car has lost its sheen or is affected by scratches and swirl marks, you should consider investing in paint correction and protection. A professional car detailing Cheltenham can assist remove defects and restore your car’s paint’s shiny appearance. Furthermore, using a high-quality paint protection film or ceramic coating helps protect your car’s paint from potential damage, allowing it to look newer for longer.
  3.     Interior Upgrades and Deep Cleaning: Improving your car’s interior can dramatically improve its overall feel and comfort. Upgrade worn-out components such as seat coverings, floor mats, and dashboard trimmings. Deep clean the upholstery, carpets, and headliner to eliminate stains and odors, and then apply fabric or leather protection to keep them looking new.
  4.     Attention to the Wheels and Tires: The wheels and tires on your car play an important influence in its overall appearance. Remove all brake dust and filth from the wheels. Consider using a wheel sealer or wax to maintain and improve the gloss of your wheels. Rejuvenate your tires by applying a tire dressing product that restores their deep black color and protects them from drying and breaking.
  5.     Headlight Restoration: Faded or yellowed headlights can have a major influence on the looks and visibility of your vehicle. Restoring your headlights is an easy and inexpensive approach to make your vehicle appear newer. There are various headlight repair kits on the market, or you can hire a professional to polish and seal the headlights for enhanced clarity and brightness.


You might renovate your old vehicle and give it another look and feel by following the basic and effective tips discussed in this blog post. You will feel a renewed sense of pride and satisfaction as you drive down the road in your regenerated vehicle as a result of lovingly taking care of it, whether it be through extensive cleaning and detailing or minor repairs and improvements.

Consider V20 Car Wash for expert car detailing services and car wash Melbourne. Their experienced crew can help restore the luster and freshness of your car, making it look and feel like new once again.

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Hacks to Keep Your Vehicle Immaculate With V20 Car Wash Services

Keeping a clean and immaculate vehicle enhances its appearance as well as adds to its longevity and worth. Whether you visit a car wash Black Rock, look for car detailing in Cheltenham, or in Melbourne, integrating compelling car cleaning hacks into your routine can have a significant effect.

In this blog, we will investigate a range of tips and tricks to assist you with keeping your vehicle immaculate, ensuring it stays in top condition for years to come.

  1. Opt for Regular Professional Car Wash Services

Regular trips to a professional car wash Melbourne are vital for car maintenance. These services go beyond a regular exterior wash, giving thorough cleaning that reaches all of those difficult-to-reach spots. Professional car washes use specialised equipment and high-quality solutions to remove dirt, grime, and road salt from your vehicle, leaving it appearing clean and well-kept.

  1. Embrace the Power of Detailing

Car detailing in Cheltenham or your surrounding area may take the cleanliness of your vehicle to the next level. Detailing include thoroughly cleaning both the interior and outside of your vehicle, restoring its gloss and protecting its surfaces. Professional detailers use innovative procedures such as steam cleaning, clay bar treatment, and precision polishing to remove stains, restore faded paint, and revitalise the appearance of your vehicle.

  1. DIY Cleaning Hacks for Interior Maintenance

There are various DIY cleaning tricks you may do to keep your vehicle’s interior in good condition between professional cleanings. These include cleaning windows with a vinegar-water mixture, using a toothbrush to clean small cracks and hard-to-reach locations, and using baking soda to eradicate odours.

  1. Protect Your Exterior with Waxing

Waxing the exterior of your car not only gives a glossy appearance but also works as a protective barrier against the weather. After a thorough wash, use a premium auto wax to repel dirt, dust, and UV rays, preventing damage to your vehicle’s paint and clear coat. Waxing your car on a regular basis not only improves its beauty but also maintains its longevity and resale value.

  1. Don’t Forget the Little Things

Attention to detail is essential when it comes to car cleanliness. Focus on often disregarded areas, for example, door jambs, wheel wells, and undercarriage. These regions gather soil and grime after some time, affecting both the appearance and functionality of your vehicle. Use a pressure washer or specialized cleaning items to completely clean these regions and ensure all over cleanliness.


Maintaining an immaculate vehicle requires a blend of expert services and effective Do-It-Yourself cleaning hacks. Whether you pick a car wash in Black Rock, look for car detailing Cheltenham, or live in Melbourne, integrating these tips into your car care routine will assist with keeping your vehicle in top condition.

At V20 Car Wash, your trusted car wash in Melbourne, you can experience proficient car cleaning services that leave your vehicle looking and feeling its best. By following these hacks and relying on proficient car wash and detailing services, you can enjoy in the joy of driving a well-maintained and immaculate vehicle.

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How a Car Spa Enhances Your Vehicle’s Value

With regard to our vehicles, we all need to maintain their immaculate condition and expand their value over the long run. While regular maintenance is important, have you looked at how a car spa can play a vital role in enhancing your vehicle’s value? In this article, we will investigate why your car needs spa and how it can go beyond just style to preserve and build the value of your beloved car. If you’re in Melbourne, a professional car wash service like Ananta Car Spa can help you achieve the best results and protect your investment.

  1. Restoring the Exterior Shine: A car spa isn’t just about a basic wash and wax. It includes an exhaustive cleaning process that disposes of dirt, grime, and impurities that have been collected on your car’s exterior. By eliminating these elements, a car spa restores the first shine of your vehicle’s paint, making it look good as new. A well-maintained exterior is outwardly engaging and makes a positive impression, helping your car’s overall value.
  2. Protecting the Paintwork: The harsh components of the environment, for example, UV beams, pollutants, and bird droppings, can negatively affect your car’s paintwork. Regular car spa treatments, including car paint protection services, give a layer of safeguard against these factors. This protective layer prevents blurring, oxidation, and paint damage, ensuring that your car holds its vibrant color and shiny completion. Preserving the paintwork isn’t aesthetically satisfying yet in addition adds value with regards to potential buyers or exchange.
  3. Maintaining Interior Comfort: A car spa isn’t restricted to the exterior; it reaches out to the interior too. Proficient car spa services incorporate exhaustive cleaning and specifying of the interior, eliminating dust, dirt, and stains from upholstery, carpets, and dashboard surfaces. By maintaining a spotless and new interior, you establish a comfortable and welcoming environment.
  4. Extending the Lifespan of Mechanical Components: While a car spa basically centers around aesthetics, it indirectly adds to the longevity of your vehicle’s mechanical components. Regular cleaning and maintenance assist with preventing the build-up of destructive substances and debris that can affect the presentation and lifespan of important parts. By keeping your car’s engine bay, undercarriage, and other mechanical regions clean, you lessen the risk of damage and ensure that your vehicle works perfectly.
  5. Enhancing Resale Value: When it comes time to sell or exchange your car, its condition plays an important part in determining its resale value. A well-maintained vehicle that has gone through regular car spa treatments stands apart from the competitors. Expected purchasers or sellers are bound to offer a greater cost for a car that looks flawless, both inside and out.


A car spa isn’t simply a luxury for car lovers; practical speculation enhances your vehicle’s value over the long haul. By preserving the exterior shine, protecting the paintwork, maintaining the interior comfort, extending the lifespan of mechanical components, and enhancing the resale value, a car spa goes beyond aesthetics to offer substantial advantages. Keep in mind, to receive the full rewards of a car spa, it is recommended to search for proficient services like V20 Car Wash that take care of your particular car’s needs.

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Maximizing the Lifespan of Your Car Tyres with Proper Cleaning Techniques

Car tyres play an important role in the safety and performance of your vehicle, so they must be maintained properly. Regular tyre maintenance and cleaning can help extend their life, improve fuel efficiency, and prevent accidents. V20 Car Wash, the best service provider for car wash Black Rock, we understand the importance of tyre care.

We offer a comprehensive car detailing Cheltenham and car wash Melbourne. In this blog, we’ll discuss some effective cleaning techniques that can help maximize the lifespan of your car tyres.

  1. Start with an intensive cleaning: Prior to cleaning your tyres, make sure that your car is parked on a level surface and is cool to the touch. Wash the tyres and wheels with water to eliminate free soil and trash. Then, apply a tyre cleaner and allow it to sit for a couple of moments prior to scrubbing with a tyre brush. A decent quality tyre cleaner, can help with separating difficult grime and re-establish the sparkle of your tyres.
  2. Avoid harsh chemicals: While it’s essential to clean your car tyres regularly, utilizing the right products is similarly significant. Harsh chemicals like bleach or household cleaners can harm your tyres and reduce their lifespan. Instead, choose a reliable tyre cleaner that is formed to be protected on rubber and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.
  3. Don’t forget the sidewalls: Many car owners focus just around the track while cleaning their tyres, yet the sidewalls also requires equal consideration. Dirty sidewalls can prompt breaking and splitting, which can compromise the safety of your tyres. Utilize a reliable tyre cleaner and a dedicated soft-bristled brush to clean the sidewalls, being careful not to scrub excessively hard.
  4. Check tyre pressure regularly: Cleaning your car tyres is only one part of tyre maintenance. It’s likewise important to check your tyre pressure regularly to make sure that your tyres are properly inflated. Underinflated tyres can cause lopsided wear, minimize fuel efficiency, and maximize the risk of a blowout. Overinflated tyres can likewise wear unevenly and adversely influence dealing with.
  5. Protect your tyres: Subsequent to cleaning your tyres, it’s good to apply a protectant to keep them looking new and to protect against UV rays, which can cause untimely ageing. Simply spray it onto your tyres and leave it to dry. It will give your tyres with a high-gloss shine finish that can keep going for a really long time.


Dealing with your car tyres with proper cleaning techniques and standard upkeep can assist with maximizing their lifespan, and set aside you cash over the long haul.

At V20 Car Wash, we offer first class car wash and car detailing services in Cheltenham and Black Rock to assist you with keeping your car looking and it its ideal to perform. With our master tips and top notch products, you can enjoy in a spotless and sparkling set of tyres that will last for years to come. Book a meeting with us today and see the difference for yourself!


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Top Expert Car Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Car Look Like A New One

If you are someone who loves your car and to keep your car clean you wash it regularly; then you might be doing something wrong.

At V20 Car Wash Black Rock, we come across several cars whose owners used to wash their cars daily, leading to rusting issues.

If you want to avoid facing such issues by car wash Melbourne, then make sure to follow this blog till the end.

In this blog, we will share some of the top expert car cleaning tips we use while doing car detailing Cheltenham.

Top Experts Car Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Car Clean & New

 Let us have a look at some of the best expert tips to keep your car looking like a new one forever:

1- Car washing process:

 When we talk about washing your car, people just follow the process of spraying water on their car, and that’s it. However, if you spray water on your car daily and keep your car wet, then there is a high chance that you will also have to face rusting car issues.

If you just want to keep your car clean, ensure you get it professionally cleaned by V20 Car Wash once a week/month.

For the rest of the day, you can habitually clean your car with a clean cloth and a bucket of water. You don’t need to spray water on that car, take a cloth and start cleaning it.

When you notice the dirty cloth, wash it with the water in the bucket.

2- Only water cannot help:

If you think only water can help you give your car a timeless look, then you are wrong, as you would need proper equipment and products to use along with water cleaning. You can get a proper shampoo for your car, along with a few items such as glass cleaner and a spray after cleaning that will help you look great.

3- Way to wash your car:

First, you must spray water on the car, so the surface gets wet. Once that is done, you need to apply shampoo or the cleaner you want. Make sure you apply it with your hands to remove all the hard sand particles.

In the second last step, you must wash your car with water again to eliminate all the dirt, dust, and foam.

Lastly, clean or wipe the car with a clean cloth, so you don’t get water marks after drying it.

4- Clean your car from the inside:

Most people don’t take this step seriously, but you should also clean your car from the inside. You can also get an interior car cleaning, with the help of which you can make the interior shine.


Cleaning your car is complex if you are not following the right tips and tricks. If you cannot give your car a clean look you want, contact V20 Car wash.

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What are the top reasons to choose a professional car wash service?

Professional car wash service

Most individuals own a car as they prefer to travel through their vehicle instead of choosing public transportation. No doubt, having a car is an important asset, and you have to make it effectively run by all means. So, professional assistance is the key to creating a professional car wash.

4 reasons: Why should you get a professional car wash?

Here are some of the critical reasons that tell to choose a professional car wash:

Reason 1: Convenience at its best

Most importantly, there’s convenience and time-saving by all means. The professional service is strategically planned to make everything go seamlessly. Moreover, your valuable time is saved for carrying out the hectic task of the car wash.

Reason 2: Professionals have got in-depth training

With every car wash professional company, the team is effectively trained beforehand. Most importantly, they test any of the latest car wash procedures to check their effectiveness.

Reason 3: Professionals choose the topmost solutions

The professionals are known for selecting the top technology and answers and using the latest equipment to make car washing an easy task. Moreover, there’s effectiveness in every step as they carefully choose the chemical solution, brushes, rags, and sponges for cleaning.

Reason 4: Environment friendly

When you plan to do the car wash on your own, it will only affect the environment negatively. Moreover., you are wasting a lot of resources that are not worth it in any sense. All that soapy water, germs, and dirt harm the surrounding near us. Whereas with a professional car wash, everything is practical, and the waste material is disposed of perfectly.

Schedule your professional car wash

What’s the wait? V20 car wash is here to make your car wash simple, smooth, pocket-friendly, and best in all possible ways.

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What are the professional and effective ways to maintain your car?

Cars are one of the most significant status symbols. Not just it’s a luxury thing, but the comfort that comes along with it is just brilliant in all senses. But, to ensure your wash condition is prime under all possible states, there are a few essential factors that you should take to make it work effectively. Bear in mind, just like a regular car wash, keep these simple yet effective tips in mind.

Five tips for maintaining your car for longer

Factor 1: Do not miss out on the maintenance

Most importantly, you don’t have to miss out on maintenance. The maintenance allows any minor problem to be well-addressed from getting higher. So, it’s better to get professional assistance right away.

Factor 2: understand your car

Along with regular servicing and car washing, you need to know your car’s key components. To increase the longevity of the valuable investment, you have to keep a check on it correctly.

Factor 3: Do not miss out on oil change

Car thousands of parts to be lubricated well on time. Most importantly, it allows us to keep everything under the proper consideration, and the performance is top-notch. It’s suggested that a simple oil change can help the car to keep on running for a longer time without any significant issues.

Factor 4: Do not miss out on tyre condition

Tyres are one of the imperative parts of a car, and these help you drive on-road and go into maximum wear & tear. Always check the tyre pressure every week and perform tyre rotation for 6 months.

Factor 5: Clear the windows

Even after a car wash from professionals, you should not let the windows get dirty. Better take tips from the professionals to keep the widows squeaky clean just as you want.

Does your car need a proper wash?

V20 professional car wash team is here at your service.

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Breaking the myth: Car wash affects the finish of the car

Are you one of those putting off the professional car wash service because of hearing the statement, ‘Car wash takes down the car finish and damages it’? To clear it once and for all, professional car wash service doesn’t affect the car wash in any manner. The fact that professionals carry out the work makes it even better, and everything is carefully done.

Moreover, the advanced technology used in the car manufacturing industry has gotten ten times better. The paint used for the car is far better, and there’s no way the pain, appearance & or damage will get affected.

Bear in mind depending on the car model you have and where it’s manufactured can make the difference. If you are buying a second-hand car and the owner did not focus on the maintenance and cleaning part, it’s only going to create problems.

Professional car wash makes every step perfectly aligned

Most importantly, it’s the technology that allows the car to be correctly aligned. It’s the way professionals do the entire service and carefully curate every step of the car wash that makes it effective in all possible ways. Additionally, the right kind of pressure is applied, and the use of all necessary tools is done precisely so that there’s no way car finish is affected.

Please Note!

If you plan to use any cleaning material for the car, ask the professional beforehand. Sometimes, the material is not suitable, and it will only create problems in that.

Are you looking for a professional car wash?

V20 expert team is here to make the entire process go with utmost ease and convenience for you. Get in touch with the team to seek more information.