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A car is no longer an option for transportation. We know that you hate the dusty appearance of your car. In the modern and urban lifestyle, it is very hard for you to maintain the spotless appearance of your car. Maintaining its hygiene is necessary because you spend almost hours in it while traveling. You spend time in your car eating and sleeping, and you want to clean your car, but if your busy schedule doesn’t allow you this, then we offer you our car services like Car Vacuum Lilydale and much more. We offer you our best and most compassionate V20 car detailing plan for enhancing the best appearance of your car.

Careful Car Washing:

Our platinum service is a one-stop solution for all your car cleaning needs. Careful washing and drying every inch of your car is our specialty. We will carefully wash each part of your vehicle. Our most skilled and experienced staff members are dedicated to making your car shine from top to bottom with their extraordinary cleaning service and skills.

Vacuum Cleaning:

With the service of a deep vacuum, you don’t need to trouble with the garbage stuck in the tiny holes of your car. We use a powerful vacuum to ensure the removal of tiny dirt particles from your car.

Window Cleaning:

Our window cleaning service is so appealing that after cleaning, you will get crystal clear windows that will provide you more clarity in your visibility from car windows. The clean windows of your car will automatically enhance the overall look of your car.

Dashboard Cleaning:

Cleaning the dashboard and console is one of the most difficult tasks; only an expert like V20 Car Wash can deep clean your dashboard and console. Their cleaning machine will suck all the dust and dirt stuck on your car’s dashboard. With our dashboard and Console cleaning, you can make it shine like new.

Dust on Door Jambs:

After closing and opening the car doors multiple times, the door jambs of your car are also filled with dust. This dust might be stuck on the hinge and door jamb areas. You can depend on us to clean your car door jambs.

Wheel Care :

Your wheels suffer a lot. They are your true friends. A lustrous car wheel greatly impacts the person who sees it. We provide dedicated cleaning for your car wheels to give them the most lustrous look, which makes your car look more premium and elegant.

Tyre Cleaning:

We all like to see the clean tires. The black colour of the tire after the deep cleaning service by our trained staff will give your car a new look. We finish it off by making your car as good as new.

What to Expect in V20 Platinum :

There are a lot of benefits you will avail of this single service. We listed some major points which you can expect in this service.

All Parts Cleaning in Single Service:

You don’t need to look for different parts of your car cleaning. In our single service, we almost covered all the parts of your car that needed proper cleaning. This will ultimately save you time and money; it is the most beneficial and convenient service for every individual.

Professional Cleaning:

Our extraordinary cleaning service ensures you will get a showroom-like new look on your car after the cleaning service. We guarantee our cleaning service will make you proud while riding your car.

Affordable Plans:

We aim to introduce a car service plan that will be affordable for every car owner. No matter if you drive a supercar or you drive an average car. We have cleaning services for all category car owners.

Unmatched Hygiene:

You can now enjoy a comfortable environment in your car with our unmatched hygienic cleaning service.

Now, with our top and most beneficial plan for your car cleaning service under the V20 Platinum program, no reason will prevent you from coming to the V20 Car Wash. You should come to our company today for car wash Mobile Car Valeting Lilydale & because your vehicle deserves the best cleaning service.